The Euronext Pan European Days in China will be organised by Euronext and Bank of China, welcoming high-level delegates from China and Europe. The main purpose of this annual event is to highlight investment opportunities in the European economies and in particular to present Euronext listed companies to the Chinese investment community. For this reason, this year the program is offering a two-part agenda:

    • an European Chinese Economic Forum early in the morning with top keynote speakers and panel discussions on a variety of subjects including the current developments in the European economic market;


    • an investor conference starting shortly after the Forum, introducing Euronext listed companies from Belgium, France, Portugal and The Netherlands to Chinese investors in small group meetings and one-on-ones.





September 27th




08:00 – 08:45


08:45 – 09:55

Welcome Addresses and Bell Ceremony

• Lee HODGKINSON, Head of Markets and Global Sales, Member of the Managing Board, Euronext

• GAO Yingxin, Executive Vice President, Bank of China

Session1: Why Invest in Europe in a post-Brexit World?
The main theme of Session 1 is to inform the European and Chinese delegates on the developments in both our markets, and the good momentum to organize this event.

Introduction by the moderator Arnaud de BRESSON, CEO, Paris EUROPLACE
After the UK referendum, the reforms undertaken by Continental Europe to lure international investors and the Paris financial center’s roadmap in this new context.


 Lee HODGKINSON, Head of Markets and Global Sales, Member of the Managing Board, Euronext
Presentation of Euronext, the largest and most vibrant Eurozone stock exchange, in terms of market capitalization, equity trading, and number of listed companies.

• GAO Yingxin, Executive Vice President, Bank of China
The necessity for Chinese investors to diversify their assets.

• Denis BEAU, Director General of Operations, Banque de France
Importance of the financial cooperation between Europe and China – consequences of the inclusion of the Yuan in the SDR basket on the global financial world and the contribution of the Paris financial place in the RMB internationalization.

• ZHAO Quanhou, Director of Financial Research Center in Research Institute, Ministry of Finance PRC
On-going measures taken by the Chinese government to open-up the Chinese financial markets.

09:55 – 10:40

Session 2: European Financial Markets: Key Factors of their Attractiveness


Topics to be covered: how the developments in the European economies endorse the industries/sectors in which the participating companies are active.


CAO Yuanzheng, Chief Economist, Bank of China
Sylvain GOYON, Head of Equity Strategy, Natixis
LI Xunlei, Deputy CEO and Chief Economist, Haitong
Julien MANCEAUX, Senior Economist, ING
Jeremy SCEMAMA, Partner, DLA Piper

Moderator: Arnaud de BRESSON, CEO, Paris EUROPLACE

10:40 – 10:45

Closing Address by Lee HODGKINSON, Head of Markets and Global Sales, Member of the Managing Board, Euronext

10:50 – 11:00

Tea Break

11:00 – 11:45

1st round of company presentations/investor meetings

11:45 – 12:45

Lunch buffet

12:45 – 13:30

2nd round of company presentations/investor meetings

13:30 – 14:15

3rd round of company presentations/investor meetings

14:15 – 15:00

4th round of company presentations/investor meetings

15:00 – 15:30

Tea Break

15:30 – 16:15

5th round of company presentations/investor meetings

16:15 – 17:00

6th round of company presentations/investor meetings

17:00 – 17:45

7th round of company presentations/investor meetings

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Name / ProfileBrokerCountry SectorDateMarket Cap € mDelegates
Ackermans & van HaarenINGBelgiumFinancials27-28 September4070Tom Bamelis (CFO)
ArkemaNatixisFranceMaterials27-28 September5651Thierry Lemonnier (CFO)
François Ruas (IR Manager)
BarcoINGBelgiumTechnology27-28 September759Carl Vanden Bussche (IR)
BoskalisINGThe NetherlandsIndustrials27-28 September4148Martijn Schuttevaer (Director IR and Corporate Communications)
CTTHaitongPortugalIndustrials27-28 September1009André Costa (CFO)
Peter Tvsetkov (IR Director)
EDPHaitongPortugalUtilities27-28 September11017Sónia Pimpão (Head of IR)
EngieNatixisFranceUtilities27-28 September33595Sarah Kiriluk (IR Manager)
Arnaud Joan (IR Manager)
EssilorNatixisFranceHealth Care27-28 September24422Ariel Bauer (IR director Asia Pacific)
Galp EnergiaHaitongPortugalEnergy27 September10652Otelo Ruivo (IR officer)
KlépierreNatixisFranceFinancials - Real Estate27-28 September12415Jean-Michel Gault (Deputy CEO in charge of Finance)
Mota EngilHaitongPortugalIndustrials27-28 September405,7João Vermelho (IR Director)
NOSHaitongPortugalCommunications27-28 September3169José Pedro Pereira da Costa (CFO)
Maria João Carrapato (Head of IR)
Orange BelgiumINGBelgiumCommunications27-28 September1195Siddy Jobe (Director IR)
ProximusINGBelgiumCommunications27-28 September9571Nancy Goossens (Director IR)
RandstadINGThe NetherlandsIndustrials27-28 September7787Arun Rambocus (Director IR)
RENHaitongPortugalUtilities27-28 September1400Nuno Rosário (Director of Financial Management)
ST MicroelectronicsNatixisFranceTechnology27-28 September4500Tait Sorensen (Group Vice-President & IR)
Bertrand Stoltz (Group Vice-President, Head of Global Finance and Reporting, Local Affiliates)
TotalNatixisFranceEnergy27-28 September100059Nicolas Fumex (IR manager)
Unibail RodamcoINGThe NetherlandsFinancials - Real Estate27-28 September22579Jaap Tonckens (CFO)
Marine Huet (IR)
VeoliaNatixisFranceUtilities27-28 September10853Ronald Wasylec (Head of IR)
Luc Zeller (CFO ASIA)