The Euronext Pan European Days in China is an investor conference in Beijing initiated by Euronext and Bank of China together with their partner banks: Haitong (hosting Portuguese companies), ING (hosting Belgian and Dutch corporates) and Natixis (hosting French corporates).

The Euronext Pan European Days aim to give Chinese investment firms a better understanding of Europe’s economy by introducing them to businesses representing the most relevant European industries. Key European firms from Belgium, France, Portugal and the Netherlands that are listed on the Euronext markets will connect with investors in Beijing, with the aim of attracting further investment from China-based shareholders. They will have the opportunity to talk to potential shareholders about their business activities, giving Asian investors insight into their plans and inviting them to help financing their growth, while raising visibility in Asia.

In addition, the European company representatives and investment firms invited by Bank of China will have the possibility to meet in order to develop their relationship further.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Euronext Pan European Days in China.


Pan European Days Calendar

Investor Conference: Keynotes, panel sessions, company presentations Welcome Dinner: hosted by Bank of China

A selection of around 20 European Large & Mid Caps will meet with China-based institutional investors


      • High-level program on the European economy and its leading industries
      • Top speakers from China and Europe
      • Presentations and meetings with qualified European companies listed on Euronext
      • Key representatives of Chinese investment communities

Welcome by Bank of China

Introducing “Euronext Pan European Days” With the acceleration of the internationalization of the Renminbi, Chinese enterprises have strengthened their “Going Global” strategy, thereby increasing both depth and breadth in enterprise cooperation and investment exchange between Chinese and European enterprises. In order to provide more outstanding investment matchmaking services for Chinese investment institutions, Bank of China is working with Euronext Paris to hold the first “Euronext Pan European Days” event in China in September 27-28, 2016.

“Euronext Pan European Days” is a major event created and sponsored by Euronext Paris. Four similar events have been held in New York since 2013, in which important companies listed on Euronext met with investors; the event has yielded ideal effects.

China’s first “Euronext Pan European Days” will be held in Beijing. At that time, European enterprises and financial institutions listed on Euronext will engage in large-scale collective roadshows to introduce the European investment environment to Chinese and Asian investors and to accentuate investment opportunities in listed companies and related products.

Euronext is the largest stock exchange in the Eurozone, and is a leading stock exchange in the world with greatest trading activity. It leads the world in terms of company listings, stocks, financial options, financial derivatives, bonds, and market data.

Bank of China is the Chinese bank with the highest level of internationalization and diversification. It provides comprehensive financial services for clients in China and 41 states and territories. Bank of China’s subsidiary BOC International is the oldest Chinese investment bank and a main participant and leader in the Hong Kong and Chinese capital market”.

泛欧交易所泛欧日”情况介绍 随着人民币国际化进程加快 ,中国企业“走出去”步伐提速 ,中欧企业合作、 投资交流更加深入广泛。 为向中国投资机构提供更加优质的投资撮合服务, 中国银行携手巴黎泛欧交易所, 将于2016年09月27日至28日在中国举办首届“泛欧交易所泛欧日”(Euronext Pan European Days)活动。

“泛欧交易所泛欧日”是由巴黎泛欧交易所创办的一项大型活动, 自 2013年以来已连续在纽约举办了4届,组织在泛欧交易所的主 要上市公司与投资者见面,取得了非常理想的效果。 中国首届“泛欧交易所泛欧日”活动将在北京举办。届时,在泛欧交易所上市的欧洲企业及金融机构将进行大型集体路演 活动,向中国及亚洲投资者介绍欧洲投资环境, 突出上市公司及相关产品的投资机会。

泛欧交易所是欧元区最大的证券交易所, 也是全球领先的、最具流动性的证券交易所之一, 在公司上市、 股票、 金融期 权、 金融衍生品、 债券和市场数据方面处于世界领先地位。

中国银行是中国国际化和多元化程度最高的银行, 在中国 内地及41个国家和地区为客户提供全面的金融服务。 中国银行旗下的中银国际是历史最悠久的中资投行, 是香港和内 地资本市场的主要参与者和领导者之一。


For more information about the event and the registrations, please contact:
Claudia Nanni 0032 489 905180
Marcel Schulze 0031 624 869 475
Sophie Aboulethar 0033 1 70 48 30 03
 NL.fw_-e1425388488288.fw For information about the Belgian and Dutch companies:
Eva van Groen 0031 20 563 8534
Hélène van Loon 0031 20 563 8356
  For information about the Portuguese companies:
Maria João António 00351 21 319 6904
NL.fw_-e1425388488288.fw For information about the French companies:
Amandine de Panafieu 0033 1 58 55 04 90

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